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We aim for a more enjoyable trip to Korea, a safer trip, and a new trip to Korea.

For a more enjoyable trip to Korea, a safer trip to Korea, and a trip to discover new Korea, professional guides in each field support your trip. There is no commission tour or shopping in the itinerary from the beginning. I hope that Korean travel professionals and premium guides will use their talents to experience private travel, local travel, and real Korea.

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The Korea Guide Center opens up endless possibilities for connecting with smart travelers around the world. Tour Guiding takes a stroll through the area, breathing fresh air, discovering the culture, history and enjoyment of the area and its fascinating local culture, history, and enjoyment, while providing the most rewarding and enjoyable experience to share with people around the world. We invite you to develop your deep interest in cities and their history, your talent for storytelling, and your ability to deliver information in an attractive and interesting way at the Korea Guide Center. Promote your trip with the Korea Guide Center. We will share your region, travel with the world!

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